Sasha Wilhelm is a Belgium born actress currently working between London, Paris and New York. An international background is a big part of Sasha’s DNA, with ancestry links to Belgium, Spain, Rwanda, the UK, Austria and Hungary. Sasha is multilingual and speaks French, English and Spanish.

Sasha studied social anthropology at the University of London(SOAS) before relocating to NYC where she continued her studies in Film and Drama. She returned to Paris to train at the famous Cours Florent drama school, it was during her time there, that she was inspired by an idea for a short film. With no prior experience in screenwriting, Sasha contacted director Stefana Brancastle who helped her to develop her idea and the result is the multi-award winning and critically lauded film “The Mechanism of Suspended Time”.

When Sasha is not in front of the camera, she spends her time writing and working on television and film developments. Exciting times ahead for Sasha as she has several projects lined up in the next year in the USA and Europe.